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How does the activation work if using multiple iOS devices?
All iOS devices using the same Apple ID share the same activation slot. In case you have no activation slot left and cannot activate, you need to free up an activation slot in the user area. If you encounter difficulties with activating, please contact us and we will find a solution.
How do I enlarge the virtual keyboard in the iOS app?
Swipe from the left border to the right. A 'Drag me' button appears. It lets you drag both horizontally, for changing range, and vertically, for changing size.
The iOS app is not recognizing my audio interface.
In the iOS app, all audio interfaces are shown by the name "iOS Audio".
Will Organteq be available for iOS?
We currently cannot say when/if Organteq will be available for iOS.
How do I connect my iPhone/iPad to my digital piano?
If using a Bluetooth compatible digital piano, or a MIDI over Bluetooth adapter, you can connect by wireless. You can otherwise connect a USB to USB-C adapter to your iPhone/iPad. On older iPhones/iPads, connect a USB to Lightning adapter instead. Then connect a standard USB to USB-B (a.k.a. "printer cable") to your USB audio device. From there, connect a USB or MIDI cable to your digital piano.
How do I connect my iPhone/iPad over Bluetooth MIDI?
Below is an example of a MIDI over Bluetooth adapter for connecting an iPhone or iPad to a digital piano with MIDI ports. Connect the two MIDI cables on the adapter to your digital piano's MIDI IN and MIDI OUT port. Ensure that the adapter is powered in case your digital piano does not emit any power via the MIDI ports. In the Pianoteq app, go to Options > Devices. There, click on the "Bluetooth MIDI" button and connect to your Bluetooth adapter. It will be recognized as active MIDI input.

What iPhone or iPad model is compatible with Pianoteq?
We recommend a recent iPhone/iPad model, but Pianoteq runs well also on older models using iOS 15 or higher, such as iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPad Mini 4 and iPad 5.
How do I unlock or update my existing licence in the iOS app?
In the Pianoteq iOS app, go to Options > Instruments. There, press on the "Restore purchases" button. You may be asked to log in to your user account. Your app will then be updated, taking into account what products you have registered in your user account.
Is the iOS app for iPhone/iPad included with Pianoteq 8?
Yes. You can download and evaluate the app via the App Store.