If upgrading to version 8, which instruments are included?
You will keep the instrument packs that you have currently registered. These instruments will be upgraded as well. All the other instruments are available in demo mode for your evaluation.
Where do I install the instruments to my full version of Pianoteq?
If you are installing any of the free instruments, you can drag and drop the PTQ file onto the Pianoteq interface. It will then be installed automatically. Other instruments are already installed as they are embedded as demo instruments in the Preset menu. You can unlock each of these instruments by registering the corresponding serial number in the user area and updating your licence (Options > About > Update licence).
Can I hide specific instruments in the preset list?
Yes. Click on the pen icon (menu: Window-Preset manager, shortcut: L) to open the preset manager. You will then see a list of all presets. On the right side, you can select the instruments you want to hide/unhide. You can hide/unhide all factory instruments (provided as default instruments) by selecting another instrument bank on the lower right corner in the preset manager. You can hide/unhide instruments in the Options - Instruments window.
I purchased an instrument pack but did not receive a download link. Why?
The optional instruments are already embedded in Pianoteq in demo mode. You can unlock any of these instruments by entering the specific instrument serial number in the user area. After that, update your licence in Pianoteq > Options > About > Update licence by clicking the "Quick Activation" button. Details on how to activate manually (offline) can be found here.
Can I use the free instruments with a trial version of Pianoteq?
No, they only load in the full version, available to Pianoteq licence owners.
Will all my instruments that I purchased work in Pianoteq 8?
Will all my instruments that I purchased for the Pianoteq Stage version work in the Standard or PRO versions?
Yes, the instruments work in all product versions.