My anti-virus software reports Pianoteq or Organteq being infected.
Sometimes there may appear false positives regarding viruses or trojans, detected by anti-virus software such as AVG or Avira. If you encounter any issues with this, please contact the anti-virus software support for assistance on how to bypass the detection.
Does Pianoteq 8 work with Receptor units?
Pianoteq 8 is not compatible with any Receptor unit, but Pianoteq 5 should be compatible with Receptor 2. Just drop the 32-bit "Pianoteq 5.dll" into the “Unsupported Plug-ins” folder of the Receptor.
Will Organteq be available for iOS?
We currently cannot say when/if Organteq will be available for iOS.
I cannot find the answer to my question here.
Please contact us via the support form. You are also welcome to visit our user forum for general discussions about Pianoteq with other users.