15/01/2024: Pianoteq 8.2

The latest update 8.2 brings numerous improvements in order to increase realism, taking into account recent feedback from users and beta testers. The grand pianos are carefully revoiced with adjusted soundboard parameters, the Classical Guitar now includes fret buzz sound, and the MKII Electric Piano has a slight adjustment implemented in the sympathetic resonance.

Registered users of Pianoteq 8 can download from the user area.

A free trial version can be downloaded here.

27/09/2023: Organteq 2 released

The release of Organteq back in 2019 shook up the world of virtual organs with a compelling, physically modelled, pipe organ at just 20 Megabytes.

After 4 years of research, the new major upgrade 2.0 continues to amaze by bringing a new collection of German Baroque stops, a vastly enhanced sound engine, new voicing parameters and powerful tools to tweak the sound to your preference.

An upgrade path is offered to all registered users of Organteq 1.

16/05/2023: Pianoteq for iOS finally here

After years of development in bringing the Pianoteq software to the world of handheld devices, we are proud to present Pianoteq for iOS, provided as a standalone app and AUv3 compatible plug-in.

You will immediately feel at home with the iOS adapted user interface, resembling to the desktop version. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to your MIDI compatible keyboard and start playing.

The app is available on the App Store as a free trial version of Pianoteq Stage, where instruments and product upgrades to Pianoteq Standard and Pro version can be evaluated and purchased.

Pianoteq 8 can be used on iOS devices as well as on desktop computers and can be purchased through the app (in-app purchase) and from the Modartt website or authorized dealers. If you own a license of Pianoteq 8, you can convert the app to the full version without charge.

Visit the App Store for further details

16/11/2022: Pianoteq 8 Released
With Pianoteq 8 we introduce a new exciting category of physically modelled instruments: a nylon based Classical Guitar, with emulated gestures and natural noises for breathtaking realism.
All contemporary acoustic pianos, the Vintage Reeds electric pianos and the Concert Harp have been carefully revoiced in order to increase authenticity and playability.
A fresh streamlined user interface displays the instruments and environments for a clear presentation of selected presets.
29/06/2021: New Felt piano presets added to Pianoteq
Inserting felt between strings and hammers in a piano can bring out exciting effects.
The new Felt presets in Pianoteq are based on an improved continuous Celeste pedal, which lets you adjust the felt thickness - a unique feature offered only by Pianoteq.
The soft and delicate felt piano sound reminds of certain movie soundtracks, bringing a dark, intimate, cozy blanket of foggy delight.
The Felt presets are included for free in all registered contemporary pianos in Pianoteq 7.
08/04/2021: Concert grand piano PETROF 284 Mistral released
We are proud to present PETROF 284 Mistral concert grand piano, loved for its tremendous bass and resonant treble and for possessing the soft, romantic tone that is so characteristic of all PETROF grand pianos.
This instrument is authorized by PETROF and it makes use of the new Double Polarization string vibration model introduced in Pianoteq 7.
12/11/2020: Pianoteq 7 released
It is here! Pianoteq 7 (Standard/PRO) introduces acoustic Morphing and Layering. This innovative technology lets you create and mix hybrid instruments with stunning authenticity.
It also offers the very first physical model of Steinway’s groundbreaking new flagship instrument: the Model D Spirio|r. Based on recordings from the renowned Steinway Hall in New York, it provides the famous Steinway concert piano sound with superb musical expression.
Moreover, all piano models in Pianoteq have been refined by using a new string/soundboard modelling (double polarisation), bringing longer and more complex tones with a three-dimensional character.
01/10/2020: Organteq 1.5 released
Organteq has been upgraded to version 1.5 with new exciting features, such as adjustable tremulants, 8-channel output, extra parameters, new combination banks plus presets which let you explore new amazing sound colours and room acoustics.
The upgrade is free for all registered users of Organteq. Just log in to your account to download. A free trial version is also available.
18/03/2020: Karsten collection released
The Karsten Collection is our latest instrument pack for Pianoteq.
It includes five historical instruments built between 1600 and 1858, provided by instrument collector Peter Karsten, Braunschweig, Germany.
The virtual copy of the New York Steinway square piano (1858) is evaluated and authorized by Steinway & Sons.
28/11/2019: Virtual pipe organ Organteq released
After three years of research, Modartt proudly presents ORGANTEQ - a new generation of physically modelled pipe organs. A free trial version is available.
Organteq offers over a thousand pipes, inspired from Cavaillé-Coll's organs, assigned to three manual keyboards with a five-octave range, and a pedal keyboard with thirty-two notes. Each keyboard can be assigned to a selection of stops with adjustable parameters.
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