«Activation & User registration»

My licensed copy of Pianoteq is still running in demo mode
Check in Pianoteq > Options > About that the copy is licensed in your name. If it is, then everything is OK. If Pianoteq still seems to run in demo mode, it may be because you have loaded one of the optional instruments that is running in demo mode for your evaluation.
How does the activation work if using multiple iOS devices?
All iOS devices using the same Apple ID share the same activation slot. In case you have no activation slot left and cannot activate, you need to free up an activation slot in the user area. If you encounter difficulties with activating, please contact us and we will find a solution.
May I install Pianoteq or Organteq on more than one computer?
Yes, you may install it on up to 3 computers of your own. You are not bound to any specific operating system, thus you may install e.g. a Windows version on the first computer, MacOS on the second and Linux on the third.
I bought a new computer. How do I deactivate the licence on the old one?
You can deactivate the old computer in the user area. After logging in, click on the "Manage" link. Make sure to only deactivate computers you no longer use. Once you deactivate a certain computer, you will no longer be able to activate it again, even if you reformat or change operating system. Please contact us if you encounter any issues.
I will upgrade the operating system on my computer. Should I deactivate first?
In the activation manager, there are no hardware names. How do I identify my computers?
To find out which computers in the list of activated hardware that you are using (and which ones that you no longer are using), you can rename the hardware name for your current computers where you are using your software. Do this in the main window by clicking on Help > About > Update licence. Enter a unique hardware name. The hardware name will appear in the list of activations next time you log in to the user area. Do this for each computer. Then you will be able to identify them easily.
I have no internet connection on the computer. How do I activate my licence?
You can perform the following steps yourself unless you have limited knowledge of computers (in that case, please let an experienced person help you): Choose manual activation. The activation program will give you a URL. Note it down and visit the URL using another computer connected to the internet. You will then obtain an activation key. Copy this and save to a file. Transfer the file in some way to your music computer. Open the file, copy the text and paste it into the activation program as instructed. You can find a detailed description of this procedure here.
I forgot my password to the user area, how do I retrieve it?
You can retrieve a new password here.
How do I change my email or postal address for my user account?
You can edit and send a change request from the user area.