Version 1

1.6.5 (2022/07/25)

  • Fix for some Apple framework issue with the plugin on macOS 10.11 and 10.12.

1.6.4 (2021/12/10)

  • Added 'send to channel' option'
  • Fixed plug-in/standalone state loading when reopening (did not remember stop switches in some cases)
  • (2022/01/04) Fixed AllNotesOff MIDI event discarded when the keyboard mapping involves an "Any Channel" entry.

1.6.3 (2021/06/08)

  • ‘AllNotesOff’ events apply separately to virtual keyboards according to their MIDI channels
  • 64-bit ARM binary is now available on macOS (M1)
  • Added french user manual

1.6.2 (2021/04/12)

  • Fixed a display bug when changing combination bank
  • Fixed random crash of the Linux version on startup

1.6.1 (2021/03/01)

  • Fixed a bad behaviour where the live state (stop switches, coupler switches, ...) of a preset was loaded before the preset update was complete
  • Fixed the higher octave of some reed stops (mainly Clairon 4) with wrong pitch
  • Added trem switches in freeze filter
  • Fixed some stops description
  • Fixed a crash when loading a preset while switching stops on/off

1.6.0 (2020/12/14)

  • Added user custom impulse response in the reverb
  • Added metronome in the standalone version
  • Support some SysEx bitfield MIDI messages
  • MIDI learn now records the MIDI channel for Control Change
  • Fixed issue when loading/saving files in a folder containing non-ascii characters with
  • Fixed a crash when switching between presets while playing

1.5.1 (2020/10/14)

  • Added a Jump to combination bank MIDI mapping

1.5.0 (2020/09/30)

  • Added physically modelled tremulant
  • Added 8 channels output
  • Added more factory presets, with pre-filled combinations
  • Added embedded mini-demo within presets
  • Added 100 combination banks
  • Added two parameters: Stereo Width and C/C# Separation
  • Minor revoicing

1.0.5 (2020/04/07)

  • MIDI mappings support Note Off messages
  • Coarse/Fine Tuning SysEx messages override the diapason of the current preset

1.0.4 (2019/01/29)

  • Organteq is now available as an AAX plugin

1.0.3 (2020/01/17)

  • Bug fixed: missing buttons in MIDI Archive panel
  • Bug fixed: changes in diapason or temperament or global tuning froze the main interface
  • Bug fixed: repeated notes with very short silence

1.0.2 (2019/12/18)

  • Fullscreen mode added
  • Linux VST, LV2 and Jack versions added
  • Bug fixed: left/right arrows of reverb presets
  • MIDI CC 38 enabled
  • Minor GUI updates

1.0.1 (2019/12/04)

  • PDF user manual added
  • Various GUI updates, including integration with FL studio
  • Bug fixed: "attach midimapping to preset", MIDI mapping was not attached
  • Bug fixed: "click on MIDI file", the live state was wrongly restored for some MIDI files
  • Improved stability
  • Minor changes in default MIDI mappings