15/01/2024: Pianoteq 8.2

The latest update 8.2 brings numerous improvements in order to increase realism, taking into account recent feedback from users and beta testers. The grand pianos are carefully revoiced with adjusted soundboard parameters, the Classical Guitar now includes fret buzz sound, and the MKII Electric Piano has a slight adjustment implemented in the sympathetic resonance.

Registered users of Pianoteq 8 can download from the user area.

A free trial version can be downloaded here.

27/09/2023: Organteq 2 released

The release of Organteq back in 2019 shook up the world of virtual organs with a compelling, physically modelled, pipe organ at just 20 Megabytes.

After 4 years of research, the new major upgrade 2.0 continues to amaze by bringing a new collection of German Baroque stops, a vastly enhanced sound engine, new voicing parameters and powerful tools to tweak the sound to your preference.

An upgrade path is offered to all registered users of Organteq 1.

16/05/2023: Pianoteq for iOS finally here

After years of development in bringing the Pianoteq software to the world of handheld devices, we are proud to present Pianoteq for iOS, provided as a standalone app and AUv3 compatible plug-in.

You will immediately feel at home with the iOS adapted user interface, resembling to the desktop version. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to your MIDI compatible keyboard and start playing.

The app is available on the App Store as a free trial version of Pianoteq Stage, where instruments and product upgrades to Pianoteq Standard and Pro version can be evaluated and purchased.

Pianoteq 8 can be used on iOS devices as well as on desktop computers and can be purchased through the app (in-app purchase) and from the Modartt website or authorized dealers. If you own a license of Pianoteq 8, you can convert the app to the full version without charge.

Visit the App Store for further details

16/11/2022: Pianoteq 8 Released
With Pianoteq 8 we introduce a new exciting category of physically modelled instruments: a nylon based Classical Guitar, with emulated gestures and natural noises for breathtaking realism.
All contemporary acoustic pianos, the Vintage Reeds electric pianos and the Concert Harp have been carefully revoiced in order to increase authenticity and playability.
A fresh streamlined user interface displays the instruments and environments for a clear presentation of selected presets.
29/06/2021: New Felt piano presets added to Pianoteq
Inserting felt between strings and hammers in a piano can bring out exciting effects.
The new Felt presets in Pianoteq are based on an improved continuous Celeste pedal, which lets you adjust the felt thickness - a unique feature offered only by Pianoteq.
The soft and delicate felt piano sound reminds of certain movie soundtracks, bringing a dark, intimate, cozy blanket of foggy delight.
The Felt presets are included for free in all registered contemporary pianos in Pianoteq 7.
08/04/2021: Concert grand piano PETROF 284 Mistral released
We are proud to present PETROF 284 Mistral concert grand piano, loved for its tremendous bass and resonant treble and for possessing the soft, romantic tone that is so characteristic of all PETROF grand pianos.
This instrument is authorized by PETROF and it makes use of the new Double Polarization string vibration model introduced in Pianoteq 7.
12/11/2020: Pianoteq 7 released
It is here! Pianoteq 7 (Standard/PRO) introduces acoustic Morphing and Layering. This innovative technology lets you create and mix hybrid instruments with stunning authenticity.
It also offers the very first physical model of Steinway’s groundbreaking new flagship instrument: the Model D Spirio|r. Based on recordings from the renowned Steinway Hall in New York, it provides the famous Steinway concert piano sound with superb musical expression.
Moreover, all piano models in Pianoteq have been refined by using a new string/soundboard modelling (double polarisation), bringing longer and more complex tones with a three-dimensional character.
01/10/2020: Organteq 1.5 released
Organteq has been upgraded to version 1.5 with new exciting features, such as adjustable tremulants, 8-channel output, extra parameters, new combination banks plus presets which let you explore new amazing sound colours and room acoustics.
The upgrade is free for all registered users of Organteq. Just log in to your account to download. A free trial version is also available.
18/03/2020: Karsten collection released
The Karsten Collection is our latest instrument pack for Pianoteq.
It includes five historical instruments built between 1600 and 1858, provided by instrument collector Peter Karsten, Braunschweig, Germany.
The virtual copy of the New York Steinway square piano (1858) is evaluated and authorized by Steinway & Sons.
28/11/2019: Virtual pipe organ Organteq released
After three years of research, Modartt proudly presents ORGANTEQ - a new generation of physically modelled pipe organs. A free trial version is available.
Organteq offers over a thousand pipes, inspired from Cavaillé-Coll's organs, assigned to three manual keyboards with a five-octave range, and a pedal keyboard with thirty-two notes. Each keyboard can be assigned to a selection of stops with adjustable parameters.
19/09/2019: Celtic Harp for Pianoteq released
The Celtic Harp is the new addition to the Harp instrument pack. You have surely heard Celtic harps in folk music as well as in earlier classical music and contemporary new-age.
Celtic harps used to be strung with wire or gut but is nowadays also strung with nylon (used in this virtual physical model) which brings a softer and more delicate sound.
16/01/2019: C. Bechstein Digital Grand for Pianoteq released
Modartt releases C. Bechstein Digital Grand concert piano for Pianoteq. This physically modelled virtual instrument is authorized by C. Bechstein and is available as an instrument pack for Pianoteq 6.
24/10/2018: Pianoteq at IMSTA Festa Berlin
IMSTA Festa Berlin is a free event open to everyone in the music making community as well as music students and educators. It takes place on 27 October at the SAE Institute. Pianoteq will be demonstrated by Leo Auri who is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter.
12/10/2018: Pianoteq at IMSTA Festa Toronto
IMSTA FESTA is a free event open to everyone in the music making community as well as music students and educators. The event takes place on 13 October. Pianoteq will be presented by Quincy Bullen who is an accomplished pianist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer.
11/10/2018: Pianoteq at Music China
Music China is the largest music show in Asia. It takes place 10-13 October at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. If you will be there, take the opportunity to visit the IMSTA Zone located in Hall N1 and check out Pianoteq Pro in action.
26/09/2018: ANT. PETROF 275 grand piano
Modartt releases ANT. PETROF 275 concert grand piano for Pianoteq. This physically modelled virtual instrument is authorized by PETROF and is available as an instrument pack for Pianoteq 6.
Offer until 15 October: buy the new ANT. PETROF 275 instrument pack and get 50% discount on one additional instrument pack of your choice.
13/06/2018: Steingraeber E-272 grand piano for Pianoteq available
The Steingraeber E-272 concert grand piano is praised by many pianists as being one of the most distinctive and outstanding instruments on the market today. It offers innovative features, such as the Sordino pedal and Mozart rail, bringing a singing resonance and softer intonation when called for.
All of this is offered in the brand new physically modelled Steingraeber E-272 instrument pack for Pianoteq, authorized by Steingraeber, capturing the characteristic Steingraeber sound with a range of colourful presets.
07/04/2018: Pianoteq at IMSTA Festa LA on May 19th
On May 19th, join the celebration of music technology packed with Panels, Workshops & Master Classes, Demonstrations, Song reviews and so much more. Register to attend this free event. Location: SAE Institute, 6700 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles. Pianoteq will be demonstrated by Zach Calderon who specializes in tailoring original music for motion picture.
28/02/2018: Pianoteq 6.1 update
Version 6.1 introduces a new spatialisation technique which brings more air and presence to the instruments, increasing realism. Minor re-voicing has also been done on some instruments/presets.
Furthermore, new features are introduced along with support for the NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) extended plug-in format from Native Instruments.
Pianoteq customers can download from the https://www.pianoteq.com/user_area
A free trial version is also available: https://www.pianoteq.com/try
15/12/2017: Organteq Alpha released, free download
Organteq Alpha is a new generation of physically modelled pipe organs that reproduces the complex behaviour of the organ flue pipe.
It is a small organ with a keyboard range of 4 octaves (from F1 to F5) and with 2 stops: a Flute 8' and a Flute 4' (octave).
It is provided in standalone mode and should be regarded as a foretaste of a more advanced commercial version in development, due to be released during 2018.
Organteq Alpha is free. Listen to audio demos and download...
13/10/2017: Pianoteq at IMSTA Festa Berlin, 28 October
IMSTA Festa Berlin is a day-long celebration of music technology, attended by thousands of music makers of all levels of experience and proficiency. Pianoteq will be demonstrated by Leo Auri, multi-instrumentalist and composer. He is the lead singer and songwriter of Berlin-based indie band “Monster Mouse”. Admission is free, pre-registration required.
07/09/2017: Modartt releases Pianoteq 6
After three years of research, Modartt takes a step forward with Pianoteq 6, distinguished by its mature technology, breathtaking realism, increased compatibility, and new features.
17/02/2017: Pianoteq at IMSTA Festa Miami
IMSTA FESTA MIAMI offers exhibits, panels, master classes, song critiques, demonstrations and more. The event is open for musicians, songwriters, music producers, audio engineers, music students and educators. Admission is free, pre-registration required.

Pianoteq will be demonstrated by sound designer and composer Javier Bermudo. Javier has worked with music and sound effect recreation for Apple, Showtime, MTV, Nickelodeon, HBO and others. Besides editing and mixing audio for the post production industry, he is teaching piano lessons as well as servicing and repairing pianos in the Miami area.
02/11/2016: Grotrian Concert Royal released
We are proud to present the Grotrian Concert Royal instrument pack for Pianoteq, authorized by Grotrian. This magnificent instrument is rightly considered to be one of the best grand pianos in the world. We have fine-tuned the Pianoteq model in every detail, resulting in an authentic and joyful instrument with beautiful timbre and breathtaking resonances.
30/09/2016: Pianoteq Video Contest 2016
The annual Pianoteq video contest is now open! Show the world what you can do with Pianoteq 5 in front of the camera and win up to 400 Euro in value coupons to use in our online store.
Participants who will not win will get a 20 Euro value coupon as a consolation prize.
08/06/2016: Vintage Tines MKII released
The Vintage Tines MKII for Pianoteq is a gorgeous and extremely playable instrument with 30 exciting presets. The instrument is physically modelled after the famous electro-acoustic piano MKII and is the latest addition to the Electric Piano instrument pack.
02/05/2016: IMSTA FESTA LA show on May 14th
On Saturday, May 14 2016, IMSTA (International Music Software Trade Association) will host the 4th annual IMSTA FESTA LA at SAE Institute at 3700 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90038. Free admission, pre-registration required.

IMSTA FESTA is open to anyone interested in the art of music making; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.

Pianoteq will be demonstrated there by Zachary Calderon who specializes in tailoring original music for motion picture.
13/04/2016: Harpsichord Hans Ruckers II released
Hans Ruckers II harpsichord for Pianoteq is a superb virtual instrument with authentic sound and response, and it is a joy to play. It is equipped with the three registers - lower 8', upper 8', and 4' - which can be combined in ways not even possible in the real world. Available for evaluation in the latest update 5.6 and as an instrument pack.
27/01/2016: Modartt releases Model B Grand Piano
The Model B Grand Piano is modelled after a beautiful Hamburg grand piano from the Martha Argerich Edition, a set of 25 grand pianos selected and signed in 2014 by the prestigious pianist for their musicality.
Subtle refinements of the physical model were made, resulting in a noticeably clear tone and astounding dynamics.
01/10/2015: Hohner Pianet N available
The electro-acoustic piano Pianet N joins the Pianet T, Electra-piano and Clavinet D6 as part of the Hohner Collection, authorized by Hohner.
30/06/2015: Modartt releases a Concert Harp for Pianoteq
The Concert Harp for Pianoteq, physically modelled after a Salvi concert grand harp, includes pedals to change the pitch of the strings when playing in diatonic mode. It also allows you to play pinch harmonics (flageolets) and glissando.
Since there are no damped strings during playing, the harp has a special magical sound which the Pianoteq physical modelling manages to capture with astonishing authenticity.
20/06/2015: IMSTA FESTA event on July 25

In Chicago, July 25, take the opportunity to visit the IMSTA FESTA show at SAE Institute, 820 N. Orleans Street. This free event is open to anyone interested in the art of music making; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators. Pianoteq will be demonstrated there by Jazz, Blues, and R&B pianist John Talmadge. John's credits include extensive touring with international blues artist Lonnie Brooks, and John has also shared the stage with Buddy Guy, Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Wilson Pickett, the Blues Brothers, and Koko Taylor. Free entrance, pre-registration mandatory. More details

21/04/2015: Hohner Collection released
Hohner collection released

Modartt releases Hohner Collection for Pianoteq, authorized by Hohner.

The Clavinet D6, which Modartt released for Pianoteq in 2010, is now joined by two other members of the Hohner instrument family - the Electra-piano and the Pianet T. These electro-mechanical pianos have appeared in many hit records from the sixties and seventies including "She’s not there" by The Zombies, "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin and "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder.

The virtual copies for Pianoteq benefit from its physical modelling engine - the octave range is extended to seven octaves, a sustain pedal is added for the Pianet T and the Clavinet D6, and physical properties of the instruments can be modified.

The Hohner Collection, sold as an instrument pack, requires the latest update 5.2 of Pianoteq and is free for all Pianoteq customers with a licence of the Clavinet instrument pack.

More details

27/12/2014: Platinum Award for Best Software Instrument at 2015 MusicTech Gear Of The Year
MusicTech award for Best Software Instrument

We are proud to announce that Pianoteq 5 Pro has won the Platinum Award in the category Best Software Instrument, as part of the 2015 MusicTech Gear Of The Year.

"Still the best way to get authentic, belieavable acoustic piano on your computer while using hardly any space, powerful and playable."

Full review

26/11/2014: New instrument: the Toy Piano

Let us proudly present Toy Piano for Pianoteq. It is based on a Michelsonne "piano miniature", praised for its beautiful unique sound, extended from two to four octaves.
The Toy Piano is included in the Celeste instrument pack and requires the latest Pianoteq update 5.1.3.
More details

14/11/2014: Pianoteq video contest 2014 results

Thank you all of you who participated in the Pianoteq video contest 2014! Lots of impressing videos... and a tough competition... This year, instead of letting Modartt decide the winners, we let everyone vote for their top 3 entries. Watch the winning entries

09/11/2014: Pianoteq demos at Long & McQuade stores, Canada

In cooperation with Music Marketing, the young talented jazz/r&b pianist Quincy Bullen will do two Pianoteq demos as follows:
- Nov 15th – Long & McQuade, 2777 Steeles Ave W, North York, Ontario, Canada
- Nov 22nd – Long & McQuade, 1133 Markham Rd, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

You will learn how to control timbre, adjust hammers, edit velocity curves, control mechanical noises, calibrate your controller, manage effects, explore historical instruments, and much more...

More details

08/10/2014: Rebuilt KIViR collection

The KIViR collection of historical instruments now takes into account the refined physical model of Pianoteq 5, resulting in increased presence and clarity. The collection is free for all Pianoteq customers.

More details | Download
08/10/2014: Version 5.1 available

Version 5.1 offers an improved binaural algorithm based on a new dummy head model, bringing a stunning three-dimensional sound experience.

The D4 Grand Piano is now slightly improved by re-voicing, bringing increased timbre dynamics to the bass range and more transparency to the medium range.

It is now possible to easily switch to an extended octave range of the D4 and K2 Grand Pianos and the KIViR collection of historical instruments.

The update is free for all Pianoteq 5 customers.

Download full version | Download trial version
10/08/2014: IMSTA FESTA event on September 6

If you are nearby Toronto on September 6th, 2014, take the opportunity to visit the IMSTA FESTA show at RTA School of Media at Ryerson University. This free event is open to anyone interested in the art of music making; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators. Pianoteq will be demonstrated there by the young talented jazz/r&b pianist Quincy Bullen. More details

21/05/2014: Pianoteq 5 released

After having devoted two years of research to developing and refining the award-winning Pianoteq physical model, we are proud to present Pianoteq 5. This major upgrade brings a new clarity and authenticity to the piano sound. It offers no less than nine new piano models, and sound recording is taken to a higher level of control with the addition of directional microphones, letting the user choose from a range of well-known microphone brands.

More details
04/01/2014: MusicTech award for Best Software Instrument
MusicTech award for Best Software Instrument

We are proud to announce that Pianoteq 4.5 Pro has received an award in the category Best Software Instrument, as part of the 2014 MusicTech Gear Of The Year.

"Modartt’s Pianoteq Pro 4.5 is an absolutely fantastic software instrument, combining an intuitive interface with high quality, innovative mathematical approach to generating incredible piano sounds..."

More details

11/12/2013: Christmas gift

As a Christmas gift to all Pianoteq customers, we are delighted to present the Klaus P. Rausch sound design collection which includes 12 exciting presets of Pianoteq instruments.

More details

20/11/2013: Pianoteq video contest 2013 - the winning entries

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Pianoteq video contest 2013! Similar to last year's contest, we are very happy with the high quality of the videos and for that reason give value coupons of 20 euro each (instead of 10 euro each) to those participants who did not win.

- See the winning entries on the forum | on the website
- Contest rules

01/09/2013: IMSTA FESTA event on September 28

On September 28, at the SAE Institute in New York, it is time again for the yearly IMSTA FESTA event. IMSTA FESTA brings a collection of top music technology companies together in an environment where they can interact with music makers face-to-face. Admission is free but all visitors must register on-line. Pianoteq will be demonstrated there by Julio Herrera. More details

IMSTA Festa 2013
28/06/2013: Piano sound tutorial available
Why does a piano sound like a piano? That is the name of our new tutorial where we step by step explain and illustrate the nature of the piano sound and how to recreate it using physical modelling - check it out.
11/04/2013: Upright piano U4 released

Modartt proudly presents the very first upright piano model for Pianoteq: the U4 add-on. Emphasizing the characteristics of upright pianos, it offers 21 exciting presets demonstrating the versatility of the instrument.

Besides the beautiful timbre of well-built acoustic pianos, there are higher inharmonicity and increased imperfections in presets such as Honky Tonk, Vintage, Detuned, Ruined, Bierkeller, Tacky, Wavy, Weathered, Club...

More details | Listen

11/04/2013: Version 4.5 available

Pianoteq 4.5 includes an updated engine using an improved physical model of the hammer/string interaction which benefits the new U4 Upright Piano and the D4, K1, YC5 and Blüthner Model 1 grand pianos. The timbre variation is now more refined, bringing more intimacy and stronger attack at fortissimo. Included in this new version is a new Condition parameter that allows with a simple click to modify the state of the instrument from freshly-tuned to completely worn-out. The upgrade is free to all Pianoteq customers with a licence of version 4.0 or later.

Download from user area | Download trial version

10/04/2013: Pianoteq at Frankfurt Musikmesse
If you are attending the Frankfurt Musikmesse, take the opportunity to try out a forthcoming upgrade of Pianoteq and a forthcoming add-on at the Tomeso booth 5.1 A60.
24/01/2013: Kawai unveils VPC1 virtual piano controller featuring Pianoteq touch curve

Kawai has announced the VPC1, a brand new piano-oriented MIDI controller developed especially for use with virtual piano software. This professional controller is equipped with Kawai's sophisticated wooden-key keyboard action, featuring grade-weighted hammers, ivory-like key surfaces, and let-off simulation. In addition, the VPC1 also includes a triple pedal unit, detachable music rest, and editor software. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the VPC1 includes a specially prepared touch curve for Pianoteq users, which has been tested and approved by the Modartt team. More details

"Pianoteq is the world leader in fully modelled virtual piano sound, and when controlled by the VPC1 delivers an incredibly expressive playing experience. I believe this great combination establishes a new standard in virtual piano quality."

- Kohtaro Irimura, VPC1 project leader, Kawai Japan

05/01/2013: Survey and contest by IMSTA

IMSTA (International Music Software Trade Association) invites you to participate in the "Let's Talk Piracy" Survey. Take the opportunity to also participate in their contest with a Pianoteq licence to win. More details.


13/12/2012: Clavichord Neupert add-on released

As a Christmas gift to all our customers, we hereby announce a Neupert Clavichord, based on a "Modell Philipp Emanuel Bach". The clavichord, invented in the early 14th Century, is a predecessor to the piano and to the more recent clavinet. It is a popular instrument for playing music from the Renaissance and Baroque period but can in fact also be heard in modern music such as in recordings by Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarrett, Tori Amos and The Beatles.

More details | Listen
12/12/2012: Exclusive promotional offer to our customers : LACHNIT FLK keyboards

As a Pianoteq customer, you can now make use of the following new exclusive promotional offer, available in the user area: 5% discount on LACHNIT FLK keyboards

The LACHNIT FLK Keyboard is a high quality MIDI Masterkeyboard, developed with passion and love. Each keyboard is hand crafted, assembled and regulated in collaboration with professional pianists. The patented FLK Hammer Lichtsensorik technology provides you the experience of absolute authenticity and superb dynamics, resembling to real grand pianos. The main developer of the Lachnit FLK keyboard, Fritz Lachnit, has more than 10 years of experience in keyboard development for Bösendorfer where he was in charge of the development of the CEUS reproducing system.

12/12/2012: Exclusive promotional offer to our customers : International Piano

As a Pianoteq customer, you can now make use of the following new exclusive promotional offer, available in the user area: FREE one-year subscription of International Piano (digital edition)

In cooperation with Rhinegold Publishing, we give away a FREE one-year subscription (worth £24.99) of the digital edition of International Piano magazine, written for pianists and discerning fans of piano music. Each bi-monthly issue includes interviews with top pianists and rising talents, performance tips, news, features, analysis and comments. You will find exclusive tutorials by concert artists, in-depth articles on piano recordings and repertoire, masterclasses on piano technique, and festival, concert and competition reports from around the globe. Each issue includes free sheet music – often rare or newly released works.

17/10/2012: Pianoteq video contest

Publish your own video on YouTube where you are using Pianoteq 4, such as playing the piano or demonstrating a feature. We will decide and announce 3 winners who will receive up to 400 Euro in value coupons.

More details
19/09/2012: Blüthner Model 1 add-on released

Authorized by Blüthner, we proudly present the world's first physical model of Blüthner's finest grand piano, widely celebrated for use on the concert stage. The round warm tonal character of the Blüthner Model 1 is accurately rendered by Pianoteq's physical model, bringing sparkling treble notes and powerful bass.

More details | Listen
18/09/2012: Pianoteq at IMSTA Festa in New York

On Saturday, September 22, it is time again for the big yearly IMSTA Festa exhibition in New York. Admission will be free. Check out Pianoteq's latest developments there and have a chat with the Pianoteq specialist and pianist Julio Herrera. More details

Julio Herrera
04/07/2012: Rhody R2 released

The popular Rhody R1 instrument, included as part of the Electric Pianos add-on, has found its successor in Rhody R2, which is a free update. The sound, presence and response are all improved with increased accuracy. By using the new exciting effects in Pianoteq 4, such as Amp, Chorus, Tremolo, and the new Tine noise parameters, the Rhody R2 can be transformed into amazingly expressive variants.

13/06/2012: Pianoteq Steelpans add-on released
Steelpans add-on released

We hereby present Steelpans add-on for Pianoteq.

This exciting new add-on includes 4 instruments offering a superb playability: Steel Drum, Spacedrum, Hand Pan and Tank Drum.

More details | Listen | Buy
16/05/2012: Pianoteq Stage released
Pianoteq Stage

Pianoteq 4 Stage (formerly known as Pianoteq PLAY) is based on the same recently refined acoustic model as in version 4 of Pianoteq Standard and PRO. It is the choice of the budget-minded musician who does not need to modify the sound. The new stunning Grand Piano D4 is included as well as several new features such as convolution reverb and a set of new effects.

More details | Download trial version | Buy/Upgrade

18/04/2012: Pianoteq 4 released
With Pianoteq 4, a new milestone is reached in the piano world, bringing you the best and latest technology of virtual piano software. A thoroughly refined acoustic model is represented by the new astonishing grand piano instrument D4, designed with extreme care, each note being adjusted and voiced up to perfection. Thanks to its extraordinary playability and sonic authenticity, it meets the high demands from live musicians and recording studios.

More details | Listen to audio samples | Buy/Upgrade

08/03/2012: Black Rock Songwriting Competition sponsorship
Our distributor in North America, Music Marketing, arranges The Black Rock Songwriting Competition which aims to reward one unsigned talented songwriter with a trip to the Black Rock Studio's Songwriting Camp located on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. Second Place Winner will receive Pianoteq Pro and our two add-on collections (worth 587 €) and other exciting software. As from March 10, log in to your Facebook account and read all about it.

Black Rock Songwriting Competition

14/12/2011: A new free add-on as Christmas gift: the Tubular Bells

As a Christmas gift to all Pianoteq customers, we hereby announce our latest instrument add-on: a virtual copy of a Tubular Bells, also known as Symphonic Chimes. More details

08/10/2011: Club Cubase in Montreal demonstrating Pianoteq
This month, Club Cubase in Montreal, Canada, will feature Pianoteq. The event is on October 20th and the demonstration will be hosted by Guy Desjardins who teaches MIDI, sound design, and audio post-production at the Trebas Institute. More details
07/09/2011: IMSTA Festa

Just like last year, Pianoteq with all its add-on instruments will be demonstrated by Julio Herrera at IMSTA Festa exhibition on September 24 at SAE Institute, 1293 Broadway, 9th floor, New York. Free entrance, pre-registration required. More about IMSTA Festa

Julio Herrera
22/04/2011: Xylosynth and Pianoteq at TMEA

Will Wernick, manufacturer of the MIDI controller Xylosynth, demonstrated his products using Pianoteq at the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) exhibition in February. On his monitor we can see the Pianoteq interface with the Xylo add-on loaded.

Xylosynth and Pianoteq Will Wernick demonstrating
25/01/2011: FXP Corner updated with new features
FXP Corner

In the FXP Corner you can download settings and instruments created by other Pianoteq users. We have now added a new feature that lets you easily add your own FXP files (together with a MIDI and audio sample) to the FXP Corner and manage those files you have previously uploaded. You can also rate each FXP file uploaded by other users. Visit the new FXP Corner here.

25/01/2011: Pianoteq rendering Piano-e-Competition MIDI XP files

We have created a webpage where you can listen to Pianoteq rendering MIDI files used in the Minnesota Piano-e-Competition. The files were originally recorded by talented pianists on Yamaha Disklavier Pro grand pianos and played back on an identical instrument in front of judges and audiences. Some of the MIDI files are using the high resolution MIDI XP format (almost 10 times as detailed as the standard MIDI format), supported in the latest version 3.6.6 of Pianoteq.

Listen | Discuss

19/01/2011: Pianoteq PRO receives EM 2011 Editors Choice Award
EM 2011 Editors Choice Award

We are proud to announce that Pianoteq Pro receives EM 2011 Editors Choice Award for Most Innovative Product:

Note-by-note editing is what really sets Pro apart from previous versions of Pianoteq and is what earned it this year's award.

Read more

06/12/2010: Pleyel add-on released
Pleyel piano

As an early Christmas gift to our customers, we hereby release a virtual copy of a 1926 Pleyel grand piano Model F, available in the latest version of the KIViR add-on collection of historical instruments. Chopin preferred to compose and perform on Pleyel pianos and it was also used by other major composers, such as Debussy, Ravel and Stravinsky. The Pleyel sound can be described as round, warm and sensual. More details | Listen

20/10/2010: Pianoteq grand pianos expanding range to 105 keys
In the latest update 3.6.5 of Pianoteq, the K1, C3 and M3 grand pianos now offer an impressive keyboard range of 105 keys (8 2/3 octaves). This range makes it the largest ever available in a piano, ranging from ultra-low rumbling bass to very high bird-like pitches. More details
09/10/2010: Pianoteq at Music Austria Musikmesse

Pianoteq is currently being demonstrated at Music Austria, Rieder Musikmesse. Here, Georg Watzek (piano builder, on the right) and Philippe Guillaume (Modartt, on the left) show real and virtual copies of a Schantz pianoforte.

Rieder Musikmesse
18/09/2010: IMSTA Festa exhibition in New York

Try out Pianoteq with all its add-on instruments at IMSTA Festa exhibition on September 25 at SAE Institute, 1293 Broadway, 9th floor, New York. Free entrance, pre-registration required. In a nice quiet room you can enjoy and explore the Pianoteq sounds being demonstrated by the pro pianist Julio Herrera (check out the interview with him on the IMSTA Festa website).

Julio Herrera
15/09/2010: Two new add-on collections available

We now offer two new price worthy add-on collections:

Chromatic Percussion Collection
Chromatic percussion
(Vibes, Celeste, Xylo)
99 €
Rock Collection
(Electric Pianos, Clavinet, Rock Piano)
89 €
15/09/2010: Xylo add-on released

The new Xylo add-on includes a Xylophone and a Bass Marimba. These are similar to the vibraphone but are using wooden bars instead of aluminium. They are both popular jazz instruments and are also used in other musical styles from classical to Latin and rock. The Marimba add-on instrument is modelled after a modern five-octave French brand bass marimba whereas the Xylophone add-on is modelled after a modern 3.5-octave French brand.

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30/06/2010: Celeste add-on released

The latest instrument add-on for Pianoteq includes a Celesta and a Glockenspiel, appreciated for their pure bell-like sound. These instruments are still popular today, appearing in everything from marching bands to jazz ensembles. The celesta is modelled after a modern five-octave German brand and the glockenspiel after a modern French brand, slightly extended to cover four octaves.

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01/06/2010: Pianoteq PLAY released
Pianoteq PLAY

Pianoteq PLAY is based on the award winning physical model, offered in Pianoteq 3 and Pianoteq 3 PRO, praised by many musicians for its close intimacy and responsiveness. Pianoteq PLAY is not for tweaking settings and parameters. With Pianoteq PLAY you are focusing entirely on your playing. Pianoteq PLAY includes the same instruments, sounds and playability. All this for an unbeatable price: 99 €.
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21/05/2010: SCV distributes Pianoteq in France
SCV Hi-TeCH est le nouveau distributeur de Modartt pour la France. "Depuis près de vingt ans, nous avons observé et accompagné l’évolution des technologies informatiques appliquées à la musique. Nous croyons fortement que la modélisation est une étape importante pour s’approcher toujours plus du rendu de l’instrument réel. Pianoteq est l’un des précurseurs de cette technologie et nous sommes ravis de pouvoir les accueillir dans notre catalogue.", déclare Sébastien Dehé, Directeur des Opérations de SCV Hi-TeCH.
24/03/2010: K1 Grand Piano released
K1 Grand Piano We have expanded our collection of high class pianos in the latest version 3.6 of Pianoteq by the addition of the magnificent K1 Grand Piano. This new instrument, produced in the Modartt virtual piano factory, combines stunning dynamics, sharp attacks and powerful fortissimos with a very nice woody percussive quality.
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24/03/2010: Pianoteq 3.6 released
Besides including the new K1 Grand Piano, version 3.6 lets you decide where to store your add-ons and fxp file settings. It also changes the way it names plug-in files in order to avoid future upgrade problems.
Download upgrade | Download trial version
23/03/2010: IMSTA Song Competition
IMSTA (International Music Software Trade Association) are in association with AKON's HITLAB arranging an international contest open to anyone with original songs that are recorded as high quality demos or master recordings. All genres of music are welcomed, and there are no limits to the number of songs that each contestant may submit. The winner will be awarded a major label contract. Second, third and fourth place winners will be able to pick from a list of plug-ins including Pianoteq Pro. More information here.
23/03/2010: Try out Pianoteq Pro at Musikmesse
During the Frankfurt Musikmesse this week you will be able to try out Pianoteq Pro and the latest add-on libraries at our German distributor Tomeso's booth, hall 5.1 B86.
25/02/2010: Report your keyboard's velocity curve - win a 49 € value coupon!
We are going to implement a knowledge base of velocity curves of specific keyboards. Here we would appreciate your help: share your optimal velocity curve of your own keyboard. Everyone who contributes with a velocity curve setting before March 30 will participate in the lottery of the new Clavinet add-on (or, if preferred, a 49 € value coupon for use on our site). We will announce the 5 winners on March 31. More details here.
17/02/2010: Clavinet CL1 add-on released
Clavinet CL1 add-on released We are proud to release the CL1 - a clavinet add-on, bringing you the very characteristic sound heard in many rhythms & blues, pop, funk, disco and reggae songs from the seventies. The clavinet add-on is modelled after the well-known D6 electric clavichord. Thanks to the powerful technology provided by physical modelling, it offers in contrast to the original instrument a sustain pedal, an extended range from C0 to C6 (original range F0 to E5), a variable mute bar, continuous pick-up mixing, and possibilities to adjust the timbre such as hammer hardness, overtones and resonator. There is also a wah-wah feature and customized EQ presets. The clavinet add-on is embedded in demo mode in Pianoteq's latest version 3.5.3 and can be unlocked for 49 €. Read more.
15/12/2009: Cimbalom add-on released
Cimbalom released As a Christmas gift to all Pianoteq customers, we are glad to offer a cimbalom add-on, the latest addition to our KIViR family of virtually restored historical instruments. The instrument, of oriental ancestry, can be regarded as the precursor of the piano.

04/12/2009: Win a Pianoteq rebate coupon
Winter contest Christmas is approaching, so we will for that reason give away 60 rebate coupons with values from 50 € to 100 € each. Just answer a few questions to participate in the lottery. You can use the coupon for purchase of any of our products on this site. Participate here before December 17.
29/10/2009: Pianoteq 3.5 Standard released
Pianoteq 3.5 Standard offers the same advanced physical model as in the Pro version, resulting in a vastly improved sound that concerns presence, clarity, fortissimo, resonances, overtones and damper response. There are also several new features, such as a new Duplex Scale resonance slider and two new velocity maps (note-off, sustain pedal). The upgrade to version 3.5 is free for all customers and can be downloaded from the user account. A trial version is also available.
28/10/2009: Pianoteq Pro released
Pianoteq Pro released We are proud to present the release of Pianoteq Pro, announced in June 2007 on the Pianoteq forum and eagerly awaited by many customers. Pianoteq Pro is the advanced version of Pianoteq and the ultimate tool for sound shaping and instrument creation, offering note per note adjustment for no less than 22 physical parameters. Pianoteq Pro is the natural choice for composers, audio engineers, keyboardists and others who are interested in having full freedom to create and adapt the Pianoteq sound to their own needs. The price of the pro version is 399 € (150 € upgrade from the standard version). More details here.
23/10/2009: Participate in a survey - win a Pianoteq licence

IMSTA (International Music Software Trade Association) invite you to participate in their Piracy Survey. Take the opportunity to also participate in their contest with a Pianoteq licence to win. More details.


15/10/2009: New Pianoteq videos
The Italian pianist Mistheria has made some videos on Youtube where he demonstrates Pianoteq. You can have a look at these here.
08/09/2009: Pianoteq 3 for Receptor available
Pianoteq 3.0.5 for the sound module Receptor 2 (using OS 1.8) is now available, developed by Modartt in collaboration with Muse Research. It can be ordered at the Plugorama site which currently offers an introduction price (until Nov 30).
16/07/2009: New commercial add-on: Rock Piano
Rock add-on released We proudly present the brand new Rock Piano add-on (YC5). It is developed to meet demands for a specific pop/rock piano, modelled from a famous Japanese grand piano, frequently seen on stages and very much appreciated by touring artists for its musical qualities and reliability. Its bright and vivid tone makes it addictive and cuts through elegantly in pop/rock oriented mixes. It is embedded as demo instrument in the latest Pianoteq update 3.0.5. More info and audio demos here.
16/07/2009: Summer promo offer
Buy a Pianoteq licence before September 30 and you will receive the new Rock Piano add-on for free! (value 29€)
15/05/2009: Update 3.0.3 including native Linux version

We have today released update 3.0.3 of Pianoteq. Changes include a new model for the Vibes add-on and a native Linux version. Customers can download the update from the user area.
Change log | Download trial version

15/05/2009: New commercial add-on: Vibes
Vibes add-on released We are proud to present our brand new commercial add-on: Vibes, featuring two beautiful vibraphones! Both are provided as embedded add-ons and included in the latest update 3.0.3 for demo evaluation. More info and audio demos here.
11/04/2009: Update 3.0.2

An update 3.0.2 is available for download in the user area. The trial version is also updated. We have made some minor modifications to the C3 instrument sound: more punch in fortissimo, slightly longer notes and slightly longer harp resonance.

10/04/2009: Easter bells

The MODARTT team is glad to offer to all Pianoteq customers a free add-on made of Easter bells coming directly from Roma! (following Easter tradition in some European countries)...
Actually, it is a virtual copy of bells and carillons that were recorded at the European Bell Institute.

- Download available in the user area
- Listen to bells.ptq
- More information

22/03/2009: Introduction tutorial available
We have created an introduction tutorial that demonstrates with a few audio examples what makes Pianoteq unique and how to get started working with it effectively. Watch it here.
08/03/2009: Update 3.0.1
We have just released version 3.0.1 of Pianoteq. This update is better optimized for G5 CPU's and contains several bugfixes. More details here. Download it from your user account.
19/02/2009: New product - electric pianos add-on

Using the newly extended model in version 3, we are now able to reproduce two new amazing electric pianos with a gorgeous sound - the Rhody and Wurly add-ons. These are provided as demo evaluation instruments in version 3 and can be purchased by all customers here for only 49 euros. Listen to these audio demos to hear them in action!