Beautiful, vivid, adaptable

Pianoteq is an award-winning virtual instrument for PC, Mac, Linux and iOS. It can be used both in standalone mode and as an instrument plug-in in VST, AAX, and AudioUnits hosts.

What makes Pianoteq superior to other virtual instruments is that the instruments are physically modelled and thus can simulate the playability and complex behaviour of real acoustic instruments.

Because there are no samples, the file size is just a tiny fraction of that required by other virtual instruments, making Pianoteq perfect for any laptop.

a large collection of instruments

Bösendorfer 280VC grand piano
Bösendorfer 280VC / Mitchel Forman impro
Steinway Model D grand piano
Steinway Model D / Scriabin - Etude No 2 by Nadia Shpachenko Gottesma
Steinway Model B grand piano
Steinway Model B / Scriabin - Taxi for B by Piet De Ridder
ANT. PETROF 275 and P 284 Mistral grand pianos
Petrof Mistral / Bach - Prelude & Fugue in D Minor Book II by Kook Hee Hong
C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand piano
Bechstein D282 / Liszt - Grandes Etudes de Paganini Andantino capriccioso by Marina Kan
Steingraeber E-272 grand piano
Steingraeber E-272 / Rachmaninoff - Prelude Op. 23 No. 5 by Connor Chee
Grotrian Concert Royal grand piano
Grotrian grand piano / Craig Richards - Now and Then by Craig Richards
Blüthner Model 1 concert grand piano
Blüthner Model 1 / Scarlatti - Sonata in G major K. 146 by Andrew Staupe
K2 Modartt custom grand piano
K2 grand piano / Rare Butterfly by Phil Best
YC5 rock piano
YC5 rock piano / So long California by Jean-Pierre Rykiel
U4 upright piano
U4 upright piano / Brushed Up by P. De Ridder
Classical guitar
Classical guitar / Sueño en la floresta by A. B. Mangoré
Karsten historical piano, pianoforte, harpsichord and viriginal collection
NY Steinway Square piano / Andante favori in F Major by Igor Andreev
Schloss Kremsegg historical piano collection part 1
J.B. Streicher grand piano / Impromptu Op. 90 No. 4 by Nansong Huang
Schloss Kremsegg historical piano collection part 2
C. Bechstein 1899 / Mendelssohn - Rondo Op. 14 by Joseph Felice
Harpsichord in the style of Hans Ruckers II
Hans Ruckers II / Ruckers Improvisation by Nathan Shirley
Salvi concert grand harp and Celtic harp
Concert Harp / Albert Zabel - Am springbrunnen by Satoshi Orisaka
Tines MKI, Tines MKII and Reeds W1
Vintage Tines MKII / 119bpm by P. De Ridder
Hohner collection: Clavinet, Pianet-N, Pianet-T and Electra piano
Clavinet D6 / Sixties Clav by D. Polich
2 Vibraphones, styled after Musser and Bergerault
Vibraphone V-M / How's my vibe by S. Yahney
4 high-pitched struck instruments : a Celesta, a Glockenspiel, a toy piano and a Kalimba
Celesta / Sugar Plum Fairy Celesta
2 percussion idiophones : a xylophone and a Marimba bass
Xylophone / Valse Xylophonique by P. De Ridder
4 percussion idiophones : Steel drums, a Hand Pan, a Spacedrum, a Tank drum
Spacedrum / Spacedrum mood

4 software editions

Pianoteq 8 Stage
Pianoteq 8 Stage
Pianoteq Stage is our entry product and a good choice for budget-minded musicians who do not need to modify the sound in great detail.
You can upgrade to the Standard or PRO version at any time. Pianoteq Stage comes with two instrument packs of your choice.

Pianoteq 8 Stage
2 instrument packs1
Free KIViR historical instruments
VST, AU, AAX, NKS, Standalone
EQ, velocity curve, reverb unit
Preset (fxp) loading2
Pianoteq 8 Standard
Pianoteq 8 Standard
Pianoteq Standard offers unique powerful tools to enhance and modify the sound, such as changing the unison width, hammer hardness and string length. You can place up to 5 virtual microphones around the instrument and load external reverb impulse files. You can morph and layer instruments together. You can upgrade to the PRO version at any time. Pianoteq Standard comes with three instrument packs of your choice.

Pianoteq 8 Standard
Everything in Pianoteq 8 Stage
3 instrument packs1
Piano model tweaking
Advanced tuning
Microphones setting
Loads external reverb impulses
Instrument morphing and layering
Pianoteq 8 PRO
Pianoteq 8 PRO
Pianoteq PRO is the most advanced version, adapted for the creative composer and demanding studio engineer. In addition to the Standard version, it gives you all the tools needed to work in a truly professional environment, letting you adjust 30 parameters for each note on the keyboard and work with up to 192 Khz audio. Pianoteq PRO comes with four instrument packs of your choice.

Pianoteq 8 PRO
Everything in Pianoteq 8 Standard
4 instrument packs1
Per note edit of physical parameters
Thousands of editable overtones
Supports up to 192 kHz audio3
Pianoteq Studio Bundle
Pianoteq Studio Bundle
With this special bundle benefit from Pianoteq PRO + all available instrument packs.

Pianoteq Studio Bundle
Everything in Pianoteq 8 PRO
All available instrument packs4
[1] Concerns new purchases from 2019 onward. During registration, you can choose two instrument packs with the Stage version, three with the Standard version and four with the PRO version. These instrument packs are fully working whereas remaining instrument packs are available in demo mode for your evaluation. You can purchase additional instrument packs at any time.
[2] In PIANOTEQ Stage, preset loading is limited to parameters that are present in the interface. Presets built with PIANOTEQ PRO can be loaded in PIANOTEQ Standard without limitation.
[3] PIANOTEQ PRO offers an internal sample rate of up to 192 kHz. Up to 48 kHz in PIANOTEQ Stage and Standard.
[4] Forthcoming instrument packs and upgrades, to be released within one year from the date of registration, will be available for free.

What's new in version 8

iOS app

Soon iOS app

Pianoteq 8 for iOS is now available on iPhones and iPads. Years of development and thorough testing made it possible to take all the peculiarities of handheld devices into account in order to maximize productivity while retaining the app as stable and compatible as possible. Pianoteq 8 for iOS is included with all licences of Pianoteq 8 (Stage/Standard/Pro) and can be downloaded and evaluated via the App Store.

Classical guitar

Classical Guitar ipack

The nylon Classical Guitar, available as an instrument pack for Pianoteq 8, introduces a new exciting category of physically modelled instruments, with emulated gestures and natural instrument noises for breathtaking realism.
The instrument UI is designed so that you do not have to be a guitarist to use it. Various tweaked presets are offered, ranging from a 12-string acoustic guitar to a Greek bouzouki or even an electric guitar.

You really need to hear it to believe it!

Improved piano model

Improved model

All contemporary acoustic pianos, the Vintage Reeds electric pianos and the Concert Harp have been carefully revoiced in order to increase authenticity and playability of these instruments. Everything is tailored to suit demanding recording projects and performances.

New slick GUI facelift

Pianoteq facelift

Reflecting this new major upgrade, Pianoteq 8 offers a fresh streamlined user interface, enhancing readability and usability. Instruments and scenes are now nicely displayed for a clear presentation of preset selections.

In collaboration with

Steinway & Sons Bösendorfer Grotrian Steingraeber Bechstein Blüthner Petrof Hohner

We have collaborated with the best piano manufacturers in the world, Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, Steingraeber, Bechstein, Blüthner, Grotrian, Petrof and Hohner, who all have approved the sound and playability of their physically modelled instruments available in Pianoteq.
This rich and diverse collection of virtual grand pianos will appeal to all musicians in search of the most famous piano sound signatures.