Kremsegg 1: Historical pianos
Requires Pianoteq 5.0 or higher
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The historical piano collection 1, from the Kremsegg Schloss Museum (Austria), includes 4 exceptional instruments from the 18th and 19th centuries:

Incomparable for rendering the music of the Classical period, these instruments can also be used for more recent compositions.

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J. Dohnal pianoforte (1795)
I. Besendorfer grand piano (1829)
S. Erard grand piano (1849)
J.B. Streicher grand piano (1852)

Listen to Pianoteq Kremsegg Collection of historical grand pianos and pianoforte.
J.B. Streicher grand piano (1852)Preset
F. Schubert - Impromptu Op. 90 No. 4J.B. Streicher Close Mic
F. Schubert - Impromptu Op. 90 No. 1J.B. Streicher Recording
L. Davis - Valse GracieuseJ.B. Streicher Close Mic
S. Erard grand piano (1849)Preset
F. Liszt - WaldesrauschenS. Erard Recording
I. Besendorfer grand piano (1829)Preset
J. Dohnal pianoforte (1795)Preset
G.F. Handel - Suite No. 3J. Dohnal Neidhardt III
J. Haydn - Sonata in B MinorJ. Dohnal well tempered