YC5 rock piano
Requires Pianoteq 3.0.5 or higher
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The YC5 Rock piano adds a lot of bite to your pop/rock recording, and fits beautifully in a mix with drums and electric instruments. Its characteristic bright timbre is adapted for expressive playing and suitable also for some jazz recording sessions.

YC5 is modelled from a well known Japanese grand piano, frequently seen on stages and widely appreciated by touring artists for its musical qualities and reliability. It is also a popular instrument at conservatories and other music schools.

The updated model in Pianoteq 6 refines the attack and soundboard model of YC5, bringing increased clarity and authenticity.


Listen to Pianoteq YC5 Grand Piano in action in various musical styles, from classical and jazz to pop music or ragtime. All audio examples were recorded with a selection of YC5 presets using their default settings, unless stated otherwise (customized). Post processing compression has been applied in several cases.